Policy for Autograph Requests

Jim receives an overwhelming amount of fan mail and truly appreciates hearing from his fans. Due to the quantity of autograph requests received, we have a standard policy in place:

A seventy-five dollar ($75.00) donation to the Hunter’s Hope Foundation is required per item with one-hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds going to the Foundation.

Hunter’s Hope was established in 1997 by Jim and his wife Jill, after their infant son,

Hunter was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy, an inherited, fatal, nervous system

Disease. The Foundation is the Kelly’s lifelong commitment to increase public awareness of leukodystrophies as well as to increase the likelihood of early detection and treatment. Their ultimate goal is to raise money to fund research efforts to identify new treatments, therapies, and a cure for Krabbe and other luekodystrophies.

Item(s) and donation should be sent to:

Attn: Fan Mail

Jim Kelly Inc.

8205 Main Street, Suite 13

Williamsville, NY 14221

Must include:

˃Check or Money Order made out to “Hunter’s Hope Foundation” ($75.00 per item)

˃Federal Express ONLY Return Shipping Label for larger items (i.e. football, helmet)

>If you are sending a trading card or unframed photo, you may send it with return postage through United States Postal Service

Please allow at least 4-8 weeks for your item(s) to be returned. Items sent without return postage will not be returned. We are not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise. It is strongly recommended NOT to send items of high monetary or sentimental value.

PDF version of Autograph policy

Fan Mail Policy 18' (pdf)